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    I’ve recently switched to Windows 8.1 and have tried to install Levinux 2.3 beta. There have been a few problems with Windows trying to run both the .vbs script in the root folder of Levinux and the RunOnWindows.bat file in Levinux\\Contents\MacOS. I will try to describe the error as best as I can. On the first boot after extraction, Levinux reached the start of, but Windows reports the qemu.exe has stopped working and Levinux crashes. On the next boot, I click on the Levinux window to enable the mouse grab in qemu. Levinux boots to the line “Setting host name to box” before crashing with the same error (qemu.exe has stopped working. Windows is looking for a solution.). On the third boot I enable the mouse grab in qemu and then press the Enter key twice. I don’t remember after which line though. Levinux then boots and starts the script and downloads dropbear, sftp-server, and busybox-httpd. It then (I believe) start loading files from the local hard disk by the looks of the following lines.

    /Ingredients/index.h 100%|***********|20480 0:00:00 ETA

    I then get the same error that qemu.exe has stopped working after a few files. Attached is the error message and the state of Levinux at the time of third crash.

    In addition to all of the preceding trouble-shooting, I looked at the \Levinux\Reset\WinErrorLog.txt which is empty during and after the crash.

    Hope this helps.

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    I encountered the same thing on 8.1 the first time I ran it on Windows 8.1, on all 3 machines I tried this on (all Windows 8.1), I saw that the Windows Firewall Prompt was behind the QEMU console. After allowing QEMU within that firewall prompt, used reset, restarted Levinux, and all was good.

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    I don’t even get to a firewall prompt. It crashes before that.

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