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    Ken Morgan

    Tried several time to run Levinux 1.5 on my Windows 7 64bit machine. QEMU crashes during boot process. Got as far as the Levinux menu.
    Error message : QEMU has stopped working a problem has cause the program to stop working correctly.

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    Ken Morgan

    Sorry I incorrectly assumed it was 1.5 it is 1.4.

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    [Windows 7 Home Edition]

    I’m having the same problem. After extracting the zip archive, the resulting Levinux directory and all subdirectories are flagged “Read only”. I’ve had no luck changing this attribute on the directories. Gotta love Microsoft.


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    Mike Levin

    Ha ha, I’ve been zipping on Linux lately to preserve its execution bit. Tuck in one corner and the other pulls out. I’m balancing various factors and think I’ll have to master some of the subtler details of zip.

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    Ken Morgan

    Permissions are all where they need to be on mine. This was a second download so I went back and found the first zip I downloaded and unzipped it again. Same result even though I have a working copy from that zip in my Dropbox. Go figure.

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    Ken Morgan

    Okay let me see if I can remember step by step what I did to get it working. 1) I copied the home.qcow from my working copy of Levinux into the Levinux on MAC.app/contents directory of the non working copy. Then it booted into a tc command prompt( because recipe.sh has not yet been ran?) instead of Levinux menu. I deleted the htdocs and pydocs directories and ran Recipe.sh as root. Then I did a poweroff and the clicked on Levinux on Windows and voila it booted into Levinux menu. So I guess this will only work if you already have another working copy of Levinux. I needed multiple copies for my two sons to use.

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    Mike Levin

    Wow, great story! Copies for your sons to use. I’m very interested in that. Getting a messed up copy of Levinux to run can be a real challenge, because of all the repositories it hits to build servers (first the simple, then the developer ones). If ANYTHING messes up, I consider that Levinux foobar’d, and just start fresh. You outlined a process to “not give in” to the foobar’d state, and preserve your work anyway, and kudos on that! You can always get a new working copy by going back to the original archive or doing a reset. The idea here is to give you a positive Linux experience. If you’re interested in preserving your work even in all these server resets, I recommend getting to that git tutorial ASAP. Your good work will not be dependent on any single Levinux copy.

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    Ken Morgan

    Actually hitting reset has killed my working copies and they no longer work. I wanted clean copies for my sons to use so they could go through the tutorials just like I did. I could have just copied my working copy but that would defeat the purpose of having them go through each step on their own. The problem I am having with this and 1.5 seems to always start with Recipe. Everything is fine until it starts to run. I saw your post about the connection issues and that makes sense with what I am experiencing.

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    Mike Levin

    I advise starting from the archive downloaded from my site. That’s sure to reset it to initial state. If there’s something different between 1.4 and 1.5 that’s making it break, I want to figure it out. It could be a new addition to the Python.sh server build where I pull down pip from a different source than everything else comes from. Does the first part of the server-build (first run of Levinux) work but not the second part (hitting option 4)?

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    Ken Morgan

    The problem is in the first part of the server build. Once recipe starts to run Levinux crashes then it will not run past that point. Also as I mentioned I can just simply copy my working copy and that will work but if I hit reset on one of these duplicates it will not longer run. Once it is restarted it will crash shortly after the boot process begins. I have unzipped the archive( both 1.4 and 1.5 several times) to make new copies all with the same result. I am wondering how my first copy ever worked. BTW that copy is still working and I use it all the time with no hiccups. So whatever the problem here is it applies to 1.4 and 1.5.

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    Mike Levin

    Interesting. This is almost certainly a net connectivity issue if it worked correctly once, and a torrent of reports aren’t coming in. Most of the repository pulls are being done from distro.ibiblio.org. There’s also some reports of a missing index.html file, which could indicate a glitch in the tftp steps, which don’t use the net. I will keep an eye on this. I rather expect it will “just start working” if it’s a problem reaching distro.ibiblio.org.

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    Ken Morgan

    Okay worked it out. It is a Windows security issue. All my permissions checked out but when you right click on the “Run on Windows” you will see at the bottom of the “General” tab the following warning “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer”. There is an unblock button there. Click to unblock. Now go to the \Levinux\Levinux on Mac.app\Contents\MacOS directory and do the same for “qemu.exe” and the “RunOnWindows.bat.”. Then you are set. Click on the “Levinux on Windows” in the main directory and it runs without a hitch. I have made several working copies and tested this with and without making those changes so that’s the problem.

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    Mike Levin

    I’ll look for ways to solve on 1.6. It’s a real trick archiving for decompression on all platforms and getting the file permissions correct across the board. Lots of moving parts. I can probably make it so you only have to change permissions on the one main launch script, which in turn checks the others and makes them executable. I do that on the Linux side right now, mostly because I know how.

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    I want to test in advance with QEMU the ability if my USB-Rescue-Drive is booting correctly. I have Win-7-64 and run qemu out of the installed RMPrepUSB program. The settings for the preparation of my USB drive were FAT32 boot as HD, bootloader WinPE/Win-7/Vista, set for running iso-files directly in %_ISO\MAINMENU\Hiren’sBootCD.iso. Whe I run Qemu I get the messages:
    in the cmd starting window it says:
    Administrator: RMPrepUSB QEMU Launcher
    EXECUTING “C:\Program Files (x86)\RMPrepUSB\qemu\STARTFROMUSB.cmd”
    MEMORY SIZE=1000
    HARD DISK IMAGE=harddisk.img
    Sending command Start_VM.exe 3 500 qemu.exe -L . -name “RMPrepUSB Emulation Session RAM=1000MB VirtualHDD=harddisk.i
    lt+LCtrl)” -boot c -m 1000 -drive file=\\.\PhysicalDrive3,if=ide,index=0,media=disk -hdb harddisk.img to shell…
    in the second window appears:
    –>qemu is not functioning anymore
    Problem signature:
    Problemereignisname: APPCRASH
    Anwendungsname: qemu.exe
    Anwendungszeitstempel: 4f478c16
    Fehlermodulname: qemu.exe (I put myself in Win-7 as the owner of that file)
    Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 4f478c16
    Ausnahmecode: 40000015
    Ausnahmeoffset: 00053b06
    Betriebsystemversion: 6.1.7601.
    Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
    Zusatzinformation 1: bf8d
    Zusatzinformation 2: bf8d49108a2e5a0707fc48438e01652a
    Zusatzinformation 3: b0f1
    Zusatzinformation 4: b0f155b0f1de9c5eb22bd6d100737cbe
    If somebody can understand, what’s going wrong, I will appreciate every help. Thank you with regards

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    Mike Levin

    Not sure, but one thing that resolves permission issues on Windows 7 is (in the typical Windows roundabout-way):

    Right-click Levinux folder…

    Properties (menu option)
    Security (tab)
    Advanced (button)
    Permissions (tab)
    Everyone (selection)
    Change Permissions (button)
    Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object (checkbox)
    Okay, Yes, Okay, Okay (buttons)

    Now, double-clicking Levinux on Windows.vbs should work.

    This may or may not be the source of your issues, but it’s right now the most common issue on Windows.

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