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    Mike Levin

    I guess it’s time to finally start a thread here to officially announce new betas and such. Well, the latest is always on the same download link so I’m really just announcing here that it’s been updated. Latest version released is Beta Version 1.7. It just puts a few libraries in that were still missing for older Mint 32 bit systems and similar. It also makes the path to 64-bit libraries more robust. Blah, blah, it’s more likely to run on your obscure Linux distro host machine.

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    Mike Levin

    I’ll use this thread for announcing all new things. I forgot to mention the new video about using the pip remote package manager, and making those installs persistent:

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    Mike Levin

    Oh, and for anyone interested in the ideas and motivations behind Levinux, then check out the first interview with me about it at The Tech Block:

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    Mike Levin

    I see that Google loves this forum thread and lists it as a sitelink on “New Release”, so I had better start updating this thread all the time instead of making new threads all the time – even though I like those new headlines in the forum. Anyway…

    Version 2.3 was just released. This is where I can do all the fluff talk that I skip over in the Change Log. I am pretty aggressively updating the underpinning components of Levinux, so that it doesn’t ever suddenly just stop working. My first step is updating all the QEMU binaries. It’s pretty easy on Levinux, because that’s where the native GNU compiler toolchain lives. So, QEMU for 32 and 64 bit Levinux is updated to version 1.6.1. This gave me a great opportunity to switch to text-only “curses” mode, so that strange and awful pointer grabbing doesn’t occur. The pointer grabbing is for when you’re running a graphical desktop in QEMU, which I’m not for Levinux, turning into just an annoyance and extra hurdle for newbies to overcome.

    The only bad news on that front is that Linux users have to figure out how to double-click a bash .sh file. Every Linux platform presents a bit of a challenge here. The newest Ubuntu’s will prompt you to run the file (instead of loading it into a text editor) only if you change a setting in Nautilis (their file manager). So, you just open the filecabenit looking icon (Home) and then go to prefernces on the dropdown menu and go to the Behavior tab, and tell it to Ask Every Time. Earlier versions of Ubuntu don’t have this requirement.

    For Mac users, everything should be pretty much the same, but it may take a moment longer to launch. It also may break sicne the launch script is significantly different, employing some really tricky stuff. Anyone who has been using Levinux on the Mac, contact me if it suddenly breaks for you. I think I did a pretty good job packaging in the dependencies, but it’s hard to tell, because I don’t have OS X in a virtual machine yet for testing.

    I’ll try to get Windows working the same way (no pointer grabbing / updated QEMU binary) soon.

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    Just downloaded Levinux and tried to run it on my Mac OS. It encountered an error; I’m copying what it printed in Terminal below. Thanks for doing this; I’m looking forward to learning Linux.


    Last login: Sun Nov 10 21:53:16 on ttys000
    :~ Tom$ DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/Users/Tom/Desktop/Levinux/Levinux\ on\ && export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH && resize -s 25 80 && cd /Users/Tom/Desktop/Levinux/Levinux\ on\ && ./i386-softmmu -curses -kernel vmlinuz -initrd microcore.gz -hda home.qcow -hdb opt.qcow -hdc tce.qcow -L ./macbios/ -tftp ../../../Reset/Server -redir tcp:2222::22 -redir tcp:8080::80 -redir tcp:8888::81 -append “quiet noautologin home=sda1 opt=sdb1 tce=sdc1” 2>../../../Reset/MacErrorLog.txt
    export COLUMNS LINES;
    Illegal instruction: 4
    :MacOS Tom$

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    Mike Levin

    It was just pointed out to me in a Google+ discussion what I did wrong. I fixed it. Just redownload the latest, and it should work. I didn’t revise the number. It’s still version 2.3. I just did this quick to get the fix out there.

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    I re-downloaded the file, and attempted to run it again on my Mac. This is what it produced:

    Last login: Thu Nov 21 22:01:13 on ttys000
    :~ Tom$ DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/Users/Tom/Desktop/Levinux/Levinux\ on\ && export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH && cd /Users/Tom/Desktop/Levinux/Levinux\ on\ && ./i386-softmmu -curses -kernel vmlinuz -initrd microcore.gz -hda home.qcow -hdb opt.qcow -hdc tce.qcow -L ./macbios/ -tftp ../../../Reset/Server -redir tcp:2222::22 -redir tcp:8080::80 -redir tcp:8888::81 -append “quiet noautologin home=sda1 opt=sdb1 tce=sdc1” 2>../../../Reset/MacErrorLog.txti && exit
    Segmentation fault: 11



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    Mike Levin

    Okay, I am trying it on a different Mac, and I get:

    Illegal instruction: 4

    Clearly, I still have issues to work out with the Mac version. In the meantime, go back to version 2.2. You can find the link here:

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    Peter Wang

    Hi, Mike,

    Just downloaded beta 2.3 on my 64-bit Windows 7 Prof. Tried to run “Levinux on Windows.vbs” by double clicking it. The “Open File – Security Warning” dialogue popped-up twice. I clicked “OK” to confirm opening on the first pop-up. Then, after clicking on “Run” on the 2nd pop-up to confirm running the RunOnWindows.bat file, the pop-up window went away, but nothing happens. Tried this several times and wasn’t able to get pass this point.

    Doesn’t look like the firewall issue, since the VBS doesn’t seem to have run.

    Would love to get pass this point and being able to play with Levinux.


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    Mike Levin

    Peter, I’m not sure what’s going on there. Just tried it on Windows 7 Prof 64 bit. I hit “Open” then “Run” on the 2 warnings and it worked. The PC version is still using a VERY OLD qemu binary, and the problem may somehow be related to that. See if there’s an error log called WinErrorLog.txt in \Levinux\Reset.

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