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    Dave Amata

    What are the chances that the TCL kernel and Extensions can be updated while the search is on for help with QEMU compiling?

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    Mike Levin

    My plans is to update everything from latest sources: Linux kernel, version of Tiny Core Linux, and qemu binaries. The challenge of Levinux is that it is a difficult to reproduce magic cocktail, and that the old versions have many fewer dependencies and run very well. Moving to the new stuff always topples the house of cards. Error messages get generated and the recipe build-times become many times longer.

    To solve this, I am very inspired by the Aboriginal Linux project by Rob Landley http://landley.net/aboriginal/. My idea is to make Levinux self-build all its components, so it can effectively freshen itself up. I will create the cross-compiling environment to make the Mac, Windows and Linux qemu binaries INSIDE Levinux (yes, compiles will take forever), but it will also gather all the other latest components from source, such as Tiny Core Linux version 5, with it’s new Linux kernel (the vmlinuz file) included.

    I’ll probably switch everything over to Python 3. The trick is to do this while preserving everything special about Levinux. The deflated distro is still under 20 megs, and it only inflates to about 60. This updating may make the resulting size over 100 MB, mostly due to dependency-bloat of the latest QEMU’s and bloat from Python 2.x to Python 3.x.

    Anyway I’m pretty determined to do it, and the real motivation is how cool and interesting it’s going to be to make Levinux self-freshening. My plan is to make a hidden menu option: Rebuild Levinux for Mac, Windows, Linux. When you make your choice, a process starts that could take 12 hours, but when it’s done you will be able to surf to a localhost-accessible website and grab the new zip file and copy it off the guest onto the host, and see if its any better. Because it’s all scripted, I will be able to perpetually refine it and keep Levinux modern.

    I’ll probably also be able to offer different spins on Levinux with optimizations for different host platforms, and versions that feature different Linux than Tiny Core, and different languages than Python.

    ETA: Who knows? I’ll do my best.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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