CuBox, Raspberry Pi, Cotton Candy – which is best?

CuBox, Raspberry Pi, Cotton Candy – which is best?

All three of these devices are designed to be pocket-sized nano-computers with media center-and game console capable graphics. At first glance, the difference is price, with the CuBox intended to be around $130 and Cotton Candy around $200, while Raspberry Pi is only $35. The next difference is availability. Only CuBox is fully released, while Raspberry Pi is shipping in it’s raw pre-release case-less form, and Cotton Candy is not available at all. The third difference is that while both Raspberry Pi and CuBox are designed to be stand-alone devices, needing only a monitor, keyboard and mouse to be fully functional PCs, a Cotton Candy works through USB and needs a “host” computer, and presumably special software to access a virtual terminal to the device. There are plenty more nuanced differences, but these are the broad strokes.

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