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Emailing URLs with parameters and bookmarks

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 07/12/2005

I’ve written email notifications for message board systems that have had to send links that had both querystrings and bookmarks, such as…


This means, go to the record with the ID 123 and jump to post #456. The behavior was very inconsistent. It worked one way when you clicked on a link in an email. It worked another way if you copied & pasted the URL into the browser address field. And it worked different based on whether your browser was already open with the discussion loaded. My solution was to change it into two querystring parameters, and have server-side programming to do an after-the-fact redirect. So, I’d give out a link like this…


And a redirect would send it to the same URL, but with the b parameter stripped off and the hash symbol appended with the ID. I happen to blog about it today, because I’ve been in a blogging mood recently, and I happened upon this page that discusses the same issue…