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Enhanced Intelligence Search Engine Optimization

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 07/12/2005

Have you ever been curious about what search engine activity has been going on on your site? I’m not talking about wading through log files or using analytics tools that summarize it down to in-actionable data. I’m talking about a real-time listing of the search hits that are leading to your site, with the keywords highlighted and the searches able to be reproduced with a single click. It’s the single most addictive (and valuable) form of data your website is generating, and I would like to demonstrate it to you.

I developed this technology several years ago, and have been using it as the secret sauce in hyper-competitive search engine optimization, first with Scala, Inc. and now for the Clients of Connors Communications. Simply put, it provides enhanced intelligence for SEO. Doesn’t WebTrends and every other analytics package? Yes, but I’ve reduced the steps between installing a tracking package, and having day-to-day actionable data to inform you on exactly how to organically expand your site for the best possible rise in search engine result positions (SERPs). There is no more creative interpretation. If you write about XYZ topics, your results will improve and your traffic will rise. The emphasis is on Enhanced Intelligence. That’s why I call it EI-SEO.

There is much more to the system than the part that I’m choosing to reveal to the public. But the real-time hit report is by far the most interesting and addictive piece. Let me know if you want to see more.