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Google Talk Discussion History

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 08/29/2005

Well the world has blogged about the release of GTalk, Google Instant Messenger since its release last Wednesday. I installed it the same day, like so many others, and was impressed by how small of a download it was. Guess they don’t load it down with all those graphics for smileys. Go, Google. I didn’t blog about it, because I had nothing really to say about it – until today. I noticed each of the IM windows carries the dialogue from the previous session, even if you close the IM window. This is interesting, because it shows me that Google is clearly a fan of continuous dialogue. It echoes their method in GMail of keeping all the correspondence in a particular email thread in one particular thread. Some people at Google seem to believe, rightfully so I think, that the entire history of a dialogue with one particular person should be automatically grouped together like a single entity. That way, individual email messages (or IM posts) don’t get lost. They’re always in the context of the overall discussion. And there is one predominant method of sorting, chronological. One other thing about GTalk is that once it shows that someone was the last to post, it won’t repeat their name on subsequent posts until the “speaker” changes. It’s a less cluttered display. I’m glad the Google juggernaut is innovating on user interfaces, and not blindly adopting the baseline assumptions.