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Google Current: Zeitgeist TV? Rita, Geico and more

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 09/24/2005

A few weeks ago (or was it months ago, now), I noticed new cable TV channel 103 Current appear. There was only one program called Google Current, so I naturally flipped right to it. What I saw was grainy, clearly low production value TV, exactly like community television. Well, I immediately assumed I was watching community television, and didn’t tune back in for quite a while. But tonight, I finally gave in and flipped back, and saw a G4 Tech TV-like production talking about hurricane Rita, and how it was producing more searches than anything since hurricane Katrina. Following this was a well-produced piece of the knock-off and counterfeit market in China, with reporters actually going into the markets and secret warehouses with video cameras that they “turned off” over objections, but secretly kept on! Now, that takes rocks!

And then I saw my first commercial on Current. And what do you think it was? Geico! Didn’t they just sue Google? After this was a “video pod” of Santa Cruz, California and the existence between the rough local East Siders, West Siders and tourists. Next, was a piece on hot girls hooking up and gold digging, produced by Totem and Taboo Productions. There was then a piece labeled Zeitgeist, which was a humanitarian piece about the Katrina relief, and I could leave this channel on all the time, similarly to the way I did with Headline News in the early days of CNN.

The first time I checked out Google TV, I unfortunately must have tuned in during the airing of a “pod.” That’s a shame, because this is my sort of channel and I would have been watching it quite a bit more. Right now, it feels like you’re really watching TV that’s uniquely tuned-into the public’s consciousness, or zeitgeist. Whether this holds up, or become insanely repetitious, time will tell. But for now, I’m giving Google Current a chance, because it’s my sort of TV.