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Google Video Uses Flash Player

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 09/27/2005

Google just announced video.google.com, featuring Everybody Hates Chris, which I just realized is about Chris Rock’s childhood experiences. But more interestingly, in Google’s continuing technology-neutral posture, they didn’t choose Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Real Media Player. They tout this on their blog , saying “There’s no viewer to download, and the bigger video window (which expands automatically to your browser size) is now compatible with Mac and Linux as well as Windows.”

So, what’s going on? Google is using the pervasive Flash player, already installed on most PCs on the Internet. The quality is a bit choppy in some cases, but I’m sure that will be going away as they start encoding for the just-released Flash 8 player. The Flash 8 player uses On2 VP6. This codec provides superior video quality that is competitive with today’s best video codecs at a much smaller file size. Check out the improved video quality.

For anyone interested in publishing video in the same platform-independent way as Google, but with even higher quality and without requiring the Flash creation product from Macromedia, check out On2’s Flix video encoding product. All you need is a digital video camera and a PC capable of pulling in the video. The encoding software is only $69. We are truly entering a new era of easy video publishing. If you do something great, you may even be able to get it televised on the new Google TV channel.