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PR firm in NY - Emerging Industries

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 09/28/2005

Connors Communications is a PR firm in NY specializing in emerging industries and technologies. It is one of the few PR firms that develops its own public relations technology to keep pace with the changing communication landscape—making it a perfect match for clients who do the same. Connors’ systems for online PR include an analytics package, content management system (CMS), and user tracking with integrated sales force automation (SFA).

Connors has a client-site extranet site for every client who partakes in the search engine optimization (SEO) services. Today this is not necessarily every client as some have more traditional PR objectives. But many consider online outreach as one of their primary objectives. And to manage all the projects, we use the client site. It acts as a base of operations and the front-end to our custom-built PR/SEO analytics. Connors has made the technology investment required to service emerging industries.