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Emerging Industry

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 10/07/2005

Connors Communications is defining the emerging industry of PR 2.0. Common wisdom would say that PR 2.0 is characterized by a lot of blogging, and subscribing to online trend monitoring and alert services. While this is true, I would still lump most of that activity under PR 1.0, because it doesn’t dramatically change the rules of the game. Many non-paid promotional activities belong under the PR umbrella, and just because the same word-of-mouth activities are taking place online does not justify a full version number. Perhaps blogging and buzz-monitoring tools characterize PR 1.5. But PR 2.0 is reserved for firms that are able to program Web 2.0 services in order to truly leverage the un-paid promotional activities that exist online.

But it is contrary to common wisdom that a PR firm would keep a programming staff for these purposes. But we believe that it is such a mainstream objective for firms to influence how that appear in search, that it is core to our business. But it comes up with increasing frequency, to the point that there must be a search component to almost every PR engagement. But it’s not paid search. Managing a paid search campaign is under the advertising umbrella, whereas natural results fall under the PR umbrella. So, PR 2.0 is about the incorporation of search engine optimization (SEO). In many cases how you exist in search defines your brand and relationship to the public. The synthesis of the two fields is an emerging industry.