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Google Groups results - Google flips vertical search

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 10/01/2005

Today, I was doing a little googling to help a friend trouble-shoot a freezing pointer. Lo-and-behold, there was more custom results inserted at the bottom of the SERPs, instead of the traditional top. Local results, stock quotes, weather, and the like, coined “vertical search”, (term attributed to Danny Sullivan), are normally inserted at the top. And recently, certain searches that that require common corrections have (amazingly) been inserted in the middle, as I observed in this ClickZ article.

It appears now that Google is experimenting with inserting another custom result at the bottom of the SERPs. After Google bought DejaNews years ago, they eventually added “Groups” to the tabs. When something reaches these tabs, it’s ready for prime time (notice blogsearch.google.com and video.google.com are not there yet). But the power of the default-search is overwhelming. John Battelle has some interesting statistics about default search in his new book, The Search, talking specifically about how people generally don’t use the more advanced search features. But these special searches are so valuable and often relevant, that Google goes out of its way to mix them in. And the latest appears (speculation) to be keyed off of indication that you’re looking for technical support, which is one of the rare cases where relevancy can actually be found in newsgroups.