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Google Pangs

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 10/12/2005

While I’m on the topic of coining phrases, it has occurred to me more than once that I was experience Google Pangs: the feeling that you should have access to Google when you don’t. It usually strikes when you’re walking along and you feel you need to google something, but are not near a PC, and the mobile phone user interface is terrible. Along with needing to google-on-the-go, a Google Pang may also refer to the dire need for a user interface improvement to Google that just doesn’t exist yet. The quintessential example is voice recognition, as Google celebrity, Craig Silverstein, would probably agree, given his talks about how interacting with Search should be a lot like interacting with the Star Trek Enterprise computer. These Google Pangs are what will lead to the inevitable success and worldwide embracing of the next killer device, the GooglePod.

When I realized that I was feeling Google Pangs, and decided to blog about it, I decided to check whether I was the first to vocalize this phenomenon (at least on the Web) and go on the record. So, I decided to Google it in double-quotes and see if there were any results. There are not. So, I’m making a screen shot to document the fact that I was the first to put a name to this feeling so many of us must be experiencing. And the process by which I’m documenting the coining of a term is a lot like how people used to send certified mail to themselves to timestamp an idea. It’s not as strong as a patent or copyright, but offers some proof. So, the process confirming a unique term, then going on the record by blogging itself needs a term. My next post?