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by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 10/15/2005

The SEO challenge a few years ago over Nigritude Ultramarine helped to define an activity known as googlesteading. Based on the concept of homesteading, googlesteading is making up a term, then dominating it in Google. While this sounds like an activity for wannabe SEO’s, it actually has some merit, and is akin to performing a patent search and researching whether prior art exists. Words, or word orders can occur for the very first time, and if that word order has particular commercial value, it is valuable to know whether it’s ever been used that way on the Internet. This recently occurred to me as I was feeling google pangs.

An anecdote occurs to me from Akio Morita’s autobiography (the late ex-president of Sony) about how the term Sony was coined. It in fact came from the once popular expression “Sonny boy”, but simply removed one n to make it unique. If this were to happen today, how else do you research uniqueness than other than by googling? Sure, trademark searches still have value. But what quicker way is there to check international uniqueness than by some quick googling? And this act is googlesteading. A few guys in the UK are already trying to turn this into a sort of Internet party-game, like googlebombing (failure), so I can’t say that my googlespecting on this term panned out. Whoops. There I go again. You heard it here first.