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Someone at Juicy Fruit should get a promotion

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 10/24/2005

Have you seen the TV commercials where two people grab for the last pack of candy, neither is willing to let go, and they’re stuck together for the rest of the day? Well, now you can read their blog. And Juicy Fruit is catching a lot of heat in the blogosphere for it. I was at a conference at the Copacabana here in NYC last week, called BlogOn 2005—social media summit. The better part of an hour was devoted to the Juicy Fruit blog, which some have gone as far as to call PR blog train wreck. Others suggest that someone at Juicy Fruit should be fired.

Well, I say that this has very little to do with blogging, and everything to do with a kitschy stunt that is successfully drawing a lot of attention. Without this silly, obviously commercial blog, the Juicy Fruit campaign would have faded into obscurity (it’s no Dr. Pepper commercial). But with a disingenuous blog, they’ve tapped into a great store of potential publicity, even if it is bad. The shallow, transparent manipulation of the blogging phenomenon for commercial gain is a story whose time has come. And if I were Juicy Fruit, I think I’d like to be in the middle of that controversy if it could sell more candy.

Case-in-point, where would the T-Mobile Sidekick be without Paris Hilton? Somehow, I feel a lot more Juicy Fruits are going to be sold. Bloggers being irked over a disingenuous activity might be better directed where real damage is being done, like hurricane relief phishers. A clearly tongue-in-cheek production labeled a “blog” is in no way a threat to the development and maturation of blogging. I’m not sure how much credit I want to give the Juicy Fruit marketing staff, but they just might have more of a clue than they’re given credit for. Blogging community, the joke’s on you. Blogging about a silly story in itself makes the story blog-worthy (I’m as guilty as the rest of them).