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GoogleBase & Google Analytics

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 11/16/2005

Well, it looks like GoogleBase is live. I published my first classified (for Connors’ SEO services). It says it’s publishing, and the listing should be live in 15 minutes to an hour. To have GoogleBase go live right on the tail of Google Analytics is impressive, even for Google. It just published (under 15 minutes). Well, at least GoogleBase isn’t suffering the same time-lag problem that seems to be plaguing the reporting in analytics. If you visit http://www.googlebase.com/, it’s almost the classic Google homepage, but with special promotion of the toolbar. It’s not forwarding you to http://base.google.com/base/ yet. And GoogleBase is not even yet to be found on the more page.

Adding an entry is a straight forward process. There is a big question of how they’re going to be handling tagging, particularly considering how Amazon currently trying its hand at tagging. You can publish pictures, which get hosted on base.google.com. If you want just sort of a random idea of what’s going in, you can follow this author query that has no value filled in. And in the field of search engine optimization, you can already see that the service is getting spammed by guru.com. Since the listings expire in 31 days, and re-posting is part of the business, it will be interesting to see what Google considers spam, and what they consider genuine re-posting.