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Macromedia Site has Adobe Look

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 12/08/2005

Well, the Macromedia site has been switched over to an Adobe look. This marks the official beginning of a significant change in creative software. The two most major creative software camps have consolidated. PDF and Flash now come from the same company, and the significance of that can’t be over-stated. Studio 8 and Creative Studio now come from the same company. The FreeHand structured drawing environment and the Illustrator structured drawing environment come from the same company. Wow!

It will be interesting how that one is resolved. If we look at the past, we see Adobe absorbing Aldus and the PageMaker product. Over time, PageMaker has been phased out, replaced by a truly superior and strategic product that begins to knit together the disparate worlds of page layout, bitmapped graphics, and structured graphics in InDesign. It successfully (in my opinion) reconciled the hodgepodge of user interface conventions that evolved within each world. Sure, it took almost 10 years, but Adobe had the determination and know-how to make it happen. Can Flash-style animation be rolled into Creative Suite, which still has a decidedly print-slant to it (think PDFs). Or will the product-line split along interactive multimedia lines? Can this line be blurred?