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Word Blogger buttons disappearing

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 12/08/2005

Are your Word Blogger buttons disappearing? In the Blogger Word Help FAQ, they mention a known issue where an Outlook security fix prevents Word plug-ins from working if you have Word set as your email editor. I un-set Word as my email editor early on, and still had strange problems with disappearing blogger buttons. Sometimes I had the publishing buttons. Sometimes I didn’t. An uninstall/reinstall always seemed to fix the problem, but that’s not acceptable. Upon further reading of the FAQ, they recommended running either Outlook or Word, but not both at the same time. I tried that, and voila! I consistently get the blogger buttons so long as Outlook is not running. This is true whether or not I have Word set as my Email editor in Outlook. And since this conflict happens regardless, I set my Outlook to use Word for editing again, and got back my red squiggly lines on spelling mistakes in real-time.

On a related note, everyone who follows my blog knows I’m experimenting with Linux. Whenever I play around with Outlook, I come to understand how staggeringly developed and mature of a product it is (no matter how people like to dis’ it), right down to email integration with MS Word. Is there any environment in Linux that even comes close? I know that Open Office firmly intrudes on MS Office turf totally for free, but not really because of the lack of an Email client. FireFox has ThunderBird, which I haven’t tried yet, but looks like more of an Outlook Express competitor than Outlook proper. Then, there’s Evolution, which has been evolving for a few years and now appears to be a part of Novell SUSE Linux, which claims to be groupware, and claims to be able to connect to Microsoft Exchange. It also appears to be a part of their 60-Day evaluation whose download can be initiated here. Thankfully, they provide a 1.4GB VMWare download, so you can give it a try without dedicating a machine to the cause and going through a Linux install. You just have to go through Novell’s long registration process. More on this later.