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PR Firm

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 01/12/2006

Connors Communications is a PR Firm that is also expert in search engine optimization. This leads to the double entendre of exactly what PR stands for in modern media. To my employer, Connors, and the vast majority of media people, it means Public Relations. Just search for PR in Google, and you will see pages of PR firms. But among the search optimization crowd, PR means page rank, as in Google. PageRank is the often touted underpinning of Google’s page ranking mechanism, named after Google co-founder Larry Page. PR also stands for Puerto Rico, payroll, proportional representation and one of the elements on the periodic table. When you check in BlogPulse with any of these terms against the “PR” acronym, you see that the acronym is over 4 times more popular (used in blogs) than the second runner up.