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Recommended SEO

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/23/2006

If you’re looking for a recommended SEO (search engine optimizer), consider Connors Communications. It’s the PR company that launched Amazon.com and Priceline among others. I’ve been working for them since August of 2004, bringing the SEO methodologies that I’ve been developing many years (since circa 1997, working for Prophet 21—now Activant) to Connors and their clients. It’s taking awhile to re-implement things I had done with previous employers (Scala), but it’s OK, because I’m doing it much better this go-around, incorporating Ajax and extreme scalability.

I keep developing what I call generalized systems. Since Ruby on Rails, I’ve been able to more accurately identify my work as an Agile Framework. You can almost trip and fall, and your application is in working form. After that, you just keep overriding its default behavior, until you molded into something custom. ROR refers to this as convention over config files. I’ve been doing it since 1997, and am now on my fourth iteration. So, how does that fit into a recommendation for an SEO firm? Because we not only perform SEO using best practices and best-of-breed software. But we also rapidly develop our own tools to achieve client objectives in a fashion other SEO firms have a difficult time competing with.

We’ve gone as far as to develop our own specialized tracking system for SEO. We’ve released it to the world in the form of MyLongTail, which has only just been soft-launched. Its purpose is to identify keywords within your site that are in need of optimization. Analytics software will tell you what keywords already are performing. Web position software will help you track ranking position within the engines on pre-selected words. But no software that I know of other than MyLongTail will tell you what keywords are ALMOST working for you, and basically taps you on the shoulder, saying PSSST… Optimize on XYZ terms. We’ve been watching your traffic and have reason to believe if you just targeted this term, you could unleash a torrent of new hits.

This capability is a Connors exclusive, and one of the reasons I recommended us for SEO. MyLongTail is really just the public-facing version of the tool. Connors brings additional services to the picture—not the least of which is taking the keyword recommendations and turning them into perfect website copy or blogging posts. We also know how to make sure this hyper-competitive is published correctly on your website so that it has the intended effect.