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Clock that sets itself

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 06/30/2006

So, it’s a pretty silly item inspiring this post. I just bought an alarm clock that I’ve been waiting for all my life. It sets its own time whenever you plug it in. And they throw in a little laser beam projection of the time onto your ceiling as an extra bonus. And it’s got a pretty good radio built in too. All this for $29 at Radio Shack. The alarm can be turned off each morning without having to reset the alarm later. You just hit a tinier button to permanently end the alarm for the day.

The clock is from Emerson Research, and I have to say it must have a pretty inspired product management and engineering team behind it. The clock automatically adjusts itself for daylight savings time, and considering that the new law that changes the start day of daylight savings time may or may not be repealed, the Emerson folks made it so you can do a one-time adjustment to set the clock either way. That’s really thinking ahead, and their hubris shows in how they boldly state that it’s the last adjustment you’ll have to make this century. I wish this level of thought, pride and value went into every product.