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The Long Tail

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 07/12/2006

The Long Tail book launch date is here. I’ll be at the party tomorrow. My boss, Connie Connors, founder of Connors Communications will also be there, along with our office assistant who scored an invite to this happening event before any of us!

I did a few posts recently about the book, but they mostly ended up on the HitTail site. The first was about my summer reading business books that it inspired me to catch up on. The second is about the Pirates of the Caribbean, which Chris “asked for it” by making his “finally, a hit” post a few days ago. He’s surely been bombarded by the hit brigade, and posted Hits Aren’t Dead.

And one more post was simply about tracking the position of the HitTail (and MyLongTail) site in the search results as the inevitable deluge of book review posts hits. We have been lucky enough to score natural search positions on pages 4 & 7, depending whether you search on long tail or longtail. We survived the first day of reviews pretty well, only losing 1 page position. Hopefully, the rising popularity of HitTail itself will help offset the effect.