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NYC PR Agency = Out of Box Thinking

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 09/29/2006

In reviewing the blogosphere mentions of Connors Communications, I came across this…

Oh, reports are that Vonage does have a new PR agency. The account, that was in a quiet review following their time with Connors Communications, one of the better firms in tech, is reportedly moving to Weber Shandwick or some part of their empire. I don’t think the move will help, unless they figure out that they need some really out of the box thinking, and they won’t get that from the NYC group. That kind of thinking comes more from the SF and Seattle offices…

While I naturally agree with Connors being one of the better firms in tech, I could not disagree more with not being able to get outside-the-box thinking from NYC PR agencies. In addtion to seeing quite a few high tech firms through to their IPO’s (Vonage, Amazon, Priceline, etc.), Connors is also playing a leading role in moving the entire PR industry forward. How many PR firms are doing their own product development where the existing tools fall short? How many PR firms just naturally consider the fields of SEO and blogosphere outreach a natural sub-set of PR?

That’s right–the entire fields of word-of-mouth marketing, online outreach and search engine optimization are just subsets of the offerings of a competent high tech PR firm. Many PR firms can talk-the-talk of technology. But how many can interact with their clients as technology equals, with their own products becoming covered in media outlets such as Business Week, CNET and John Battelle’s Search Blog?

On occasion, fruitful and positive relationships, such as ours with Vonage, reach their natural conclusion. But relationships with Connors have repeatedly shown to lead to wonderful things. Companies could do much worse than becoming the most dominant top-of-mind player in an emerging industry, possessing a media/technology partner capable of such nuances as VOIP being primarily a large consumer-play years before maturing as a business play. This is outright counter-intuitive reasoning, yet made all the difference.

Connors gets it. For some out-of-the-box thinking that you won’t find in the SF and Seattle offices, check out a NY PR firm.