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15 Petabytes per Year!

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/22/2007

Small price to pay for the omniverses’ secrets.

slashthedot sends us to High Productivity Computing Wire for a look at the effort to beef up computing and communications infrastructure at a number of US universities in preparation for the data deluge anticipated later this year from two experiments coming online at CERN. The collider will smash protons together hoping to catch a glimpse of the subatomic particles that are thought to have last been seen at the Big Bang. From the article: “The world’s largest science experiment, a physics experiment designed to determine the nature of matter, will produce a mountain of data. And because the world’s physicists cannot move to the mountain, an army of computer research scientists is preparing to move the mountain to the physicists… The CERN collider will begin producing data in November, and from the trillions of collisions of protons it will generate 15 petabytes of data per year… [This] would be the equivalent of all of the information in all of the university libraries in the United States seven times over. It would be the equivalent of 22 Internets, or more than 1,000 Libraries of Congress. And there is no search function.”
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