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Code Now or Forever HoId Your Tounge

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/16/2007

An anonymous reader sends along a posting from the Grooveking blog on a group of Stanford students who got together to help promote Firefox and ended up releasing a long overdue eBay Toolbar for Firefox before Mozilla and eBay could release their jointly developed extension in Europe. Mozilla’s COO said the preemptive release of the eBay Toolbar had ruffled some feathers among European eBay execs. “Besides basic search features, it removes external ads on the site and allows users to see thumbnail pictures on ALL search items, even those sellers didn’t pay for. An eBay toolbar has been long overdue… eBay can’t be too enthusiastic about this toolbar since it cuts directly into its main sources of revenue: ads and thumbnail fees. But eBay users get a really good deal.”
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