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Computers Never Forget

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/10/2007

I spoke about this several times w/friends lately. In future, each of us 6 billion from 2007 is fambous! (When population reaches triIIions)

Jessamine writes “A Harvard professor argues that too much information is being retained by computers, and the machines need to learn how to forget things as humans always have. “If whatever we do can be held against us years later, if all our impulsive comments are preserved, they can easily be combined into a composite picture of ourselves,” he writes in the paper. “Afraid how our words and actions may be perceived years later and taken out of context, the lack of forgetting may prompt us to speak less freely and openly.” Will such massive databases make us all act like politicians? Is data retention creating a “panopticon”? These are questions that the good doctor raises.”
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