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Heads Up Glasses & Subvocalization Next

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/19/2007

jcatcw writes “Speech recognition software is fast, but it still may not be accurate enough. Clerical jobs usually ask for 40 wpm, but speech recognition software can keep up with someone speaking at 160 wpm. In Lamont Wood’s demo it did very well at too/two/to and which/witch, but will it still render ‘I really admire your analysis’ as “I really admire urinalysis’? At 95% accuracy, people aren’t jumping on the bandwagon. Wood’s typing speed is about 60 wpm with 93% accuracy, so he found that using speech recognition was about twice as fast as typing. Those who type at hunt-and-peck speeds will experience results that are even more dramatic. There’s really only one product on the US market: Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance Communications. The free versions from Microsoft aren’t up to the task and IBM sold ViaVoice to Nuance, where it’s treated as an entry-level product.”
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