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Y-Combinator Camp

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/14/2007

theodp writes “Forget the Summer of Code. If you’ve got a hot idea for a start-up, Newsweek says Y-Combinator, the boot camp where Silicon Valley meets ‘American Idol’, is the place you should be. ‘Some critics scoff that Y Combinator’s investment is peanuts for that amount of equity. But the opportunity is unparalleled – total immersion into Silicon Valley start-up culture, advice from Graham and a fast track to the top angel investors and venture-capital funds. When Graham calls the winners, the founders have only five minutes to accept. “If people turn us down,” he says, “as far as we’re concerned they’ve failed an IQ test.”’” We’ve previously discussed the program on the site, just over a year ago.
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