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Dare-based Reality Internet TV

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 06/28/2007

There’s a subset of viral video sits that have been popping up focusing on verticals. One of the more recent entrants was the comedy site Funny Or Die, which made waves when Will Ferrell’s short sketch “The Landlord” exploded across the net (over 36,539,017 views). Monster Dare joins DareJunkies in bringing dares to social video. The idea is a bit like a softer version of MTV’s Jackass Mixed with the competition site Bix.
Monster Dare is a social network where you can wager money on daring your friends or the general public. Each of the dares is broken down into categories like romantic, challenging, or even x rated. When a dare is declared, members can donate to a money pot to entice anyone or a specific person to carry it out. They can collect on the dare if they provide photographic or video proof for the audience. By contrast, Dare Junkies has a large pot that users are competing over, which goes as high as $5,000 for any of the challenges they put on the site.
Since Monster Dare’s payments are made through PayPal, they are somewhat bogged down with transaction fees that may kill the service. They charge 50p if you deposit £5, but nothing on depositing higher amounts. They also charge a flat £1.50 for removing money and take 10% from winning dare funds.
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