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Interesting Ziff IT Site

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 06/19/2007

Ziff Davis Media now has an online community, IT Link, for IT professionals to network and learn from each other.
IT Link is very specific in its networking offerings for those involved with IT. You an indicate your profession, your reasons for joining the network, as well as what you’re looking for in terms of networking opportunities. Find others to learn from or collaborate with, among other things. Your profile lets others know what it is you’re looking for, so getting right to the heart of the matter is not an issue, and setting up a meeting with another user is very easy, too. There are also some pretty handy ways to search for others, including a People Map, which shows members that can be of most service to you and your needs.
The profile matching capabilities of IT Link are the most beneficial aspects of this community, and it keeps this network focused on what matters most. Others seem to feel the same way, as IT Link has reportedly gained some 2,200 members since its launch two months ago. You also have easy access to the other web properties within the Ziff Davis Media network, though they aren’t very directly integrated with the IT Link community.
Other networks for professionals include LinkedIn, Xing, and Zoodango.

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