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Of course we’re going to colonize the Galaxy!

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 06/18/2007

(We’re already the making spooky-force phones!)

OriginalArlen writes “The science fiction writer Charlie Stross has written an excellent and comprehensive explanation of why, thousands of SF books, movies, and games notwithstanding, human colonization of other star systems is impossible. Although interstellar colonization seems common-sensical to many, Charlie makes a clear-headed and unarguable case, so far as I can see, that it ain’t gonna happen without a ‘magic wand’ or two. Nevertheless it would be interesting to see reasoned responses from the community who believe that colonization is not merely possible, but inevitable – and even, as Hawking has said, vital for the survival of the species. So, who’s right – Hawking or Stross?”
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