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PR Notes from conference

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 06/28/2007

Keep message simple.

Become an expert. Fill the news time. Tell them you are the go-to expert.

When the call comes, have an opinion. “I’m a contrarian.”

Stories about your competitors is a great opportunity for you to meet the right reporters & eventually get press. The media likes a horse race.

Maximize your executive job changing status. You’ve got things going on in your

Both trends & issues will get media coverage. Differentiate. Fast & free coverage = trend.

Make at least 1 new contact in the meaia every week. Always end in a question or request.

Create customers with every single PR effort. It’s your responsiblity. At most, others create channels. Never lose sight of importance of happy customer.

For every dime spent, get 10x back. Compare by column inches & ad rate. PR ROI is completely tangible. The intangibles are added value.