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Real Apple VS. PC Issues

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 06/17/2007

Ian Lamont writes “Mike Elgan has an analysis of Apple’s successes and concludes that the release of the Safari browser for Windows not only goes against the Apple success formula, but is doomed to a vicious failure: ‘The insular Apple universe is a relatively gentle place, an Athenian utopia where Apple’s occasional missteps are forgiven, all partake of the many blessings of citizenship, and everyone feels like they’re part of an Apple-created golden age of lofty ideas and superior design. But the Windows world isn’t like that. It’s a cold, unforgiving place where nothing is sacred, users turn like rabid wolves on any company that makes even the smallest error, and no prisoners are taken. Especially the Windows browser market. … While security nerds were ripping Apple for a buggy beta, the UI enthusiasts started going after Apple for the look and feel. Here’s a small sample. Apple can expect much more of this in the future. The problem? Safari for Windows just isn’t Windows enough.’ Elgan also expects that the Firefox faithful will fight the Safari influx – a theory that has been supported by comments from Mozilla executive John Lilly, who criticized Steve Jobs’ ‘blurry view of real world’ just after Jobs announced Safari for Windows.”
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