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Un-Official Alexa Toolbar For Firefox

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 06/19/2007

So you want to view Alexa rankings in your browser - and even send data to Alexa - but you don’t want to run Internet Explorer in order to make the toolbar work? A new tool sent to us today does just that for Firefox users: SmartToolbar, which isn’t an official Alexa product, gives you quick access to the Alexa Rank of webpages, their Google PageRank, their whois info and more.
What’s more, use of the Firefox toolbar will affect the Alexa rank of the sites you visit. There may not be an official Alexa toolbar for Firefox, but this is the next best thing. That said, be warned that Alexa rank is notoriously inaccurate.
We’re also told that SearchStatus, a more established tool, is an Alexa toolbar made for Firefox. It also sends data back to Alexa that becomes aggregated in their search stats. You can download that with the icon.
Let us know if you spotted any more of these: we were blissfully unaware of them until now, and it seems this intended mini-guide has stopped short at two.

*Smart Pagerank*

*Search Status*

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