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Why sync’ing phone email is fundamental

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 06/08/2007

A snyc’ing email phone is fundamental to my daily routine now–not merely to keep in communication for work, but also for blogging to Mike-Levin.com. It’s where I like to document the world’s inching progress towards achieving the collective vision that is the Star Trek future. That future is characterized by open source nano-fabricators (replicators), cracking the anti-gravity puzzle, instantaneous communication anywhere in the Universe (quantum entanglement and the spooky force), unlimited free power (100% efficient EM collectors, zero point energy, or whatever), infinite data storage and processing power, preserving what is unique about the Earth, while we protect individual rights, the rights of “a people”, and our ability to populate the galaxy as good neighbors.

When my phone stops sync’ing, my dialogue with the world through Mike-Levin.com comes to a grinding halt. But isn’t my dialogue held here simply content syndication theft due to how I forward articles read over my phone’s RSS reader to my Blogger email publishing account? No, because I never use the original headline. Instead, I use the subject line in the email program to add my commentary on the story. Usually the original source of the story is included in the paragraph blurb. When it’s not, I occasionally add it, time allowing. This all takes place on the train, you see, commuting to and from work here in NYC.

And so, you see the evolution of Mike-Levin.com. Some people find this through search. Some know to check it. But mostly, it’s a waste, because it’s not tied into my “social grid” ala FaceBook, so that everyone gets notified when I make a new post. That’s about to change, starting with this post. What I’m doing first is simply making the BlogSend address for Blogger into my HitTail team at Connors Communications. That will notify them every time I make a post here. But since email is sort-of dead, this is just the first step. My next step is to become a FaceBook developer, and force everyone into a FaceBook network or group about HitTail, Futurism, or some such. Then, I’ll write an app to update my status based on things like “Mike Levin just made a blog post about [Why sync’ing phone email is fundamental].”