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The Rebirth of Mike Levin’s Blog

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 07/17/2008

I started my new job at 360i this week. Experimenting with different ways to get to work from Inwood to Flatiron (207th St. To 23rd). Today, it’s my fateful 1-train (more on why later), no transfers, and it looks like the winner. It’s not express like the A, but no transfers makes a lot of difference.

I installed iPhone OS 2.0 over the weekend, and installed a bunch of apps: Todo, SplashMoney, iTrans NYC, NetSketch, NetNewsWire, BookShelf, Aim, MobileNews, Loopt, Facebook and Typepad–plus a bunch I deleted. I wants (still want) to get the 3G model. Apps can be re- downloaded free.

l also just got back from week-long camping vacation in Maine, where the air was clean, reinforcing the notion I’m choking here in NYC. Coincidentally, my IQAir HealthPro Plus yesterday to improve my air quality at home, considering our 3 cats, dog and hookah. The air filter comes with amazingly compelling marketing material, and is a great example of the type of product I have in mind for PleaseSneeze.com.

Cecil, our Bouvier de Flanders puppy is now 6 months old and 60 pounds. Rachel was right about this breed–turning out to be a great apartment dog, despite his size. His daddy was 140 pounds. Awesome having this breed in a neighborhood full of pit bulls–a delight watching everyone’s reaction as he grows up.

Extra time before work to think, and extra time after work to think is a big plus. Come in fists blazing, and go home ready to slam out a vlog episode.