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Always-on more important than speed

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 03/16/2009

A computer is no good if it’s not on you and not on. Waiting for startup and shutdown will be one of the first signs of computing regaining it’s sanity. iPhone shows us that. Of course, I’m typing this out on iPhone on the subway even though I have a laptop on me.

It’s easier to reach for, and it’s on.

The ARM processor seems to be getting a lot of attention now because of the iPhone and netbooks changing expectations. Why would you have to power up and shut down a netbook when you don’t have to with phones? I’ve seen the future of computing, and of looks very little like today’s PCs–or Macs. It looks like iPhone.

I’m glad Apple is buying 10in touch-screens. I’m glad OLPC is looling at ARM . I’m glad fundamential breakthroughs are being made with battery technology, and that solar cell efficiency is increasing. Mesh networking will be irrepressible soon, and the biggest challenge to ubiquitous networked computing will be energy-hog processors like the ATOM.

Triumph of the 6502 processor lineage over the x86/88? Oh, that would be sweet irony!