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Illustrating Long-tail Sales Opportunity Pipelines

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 03/16/2009

My latest concept has circled around the actual shape of a sales pipeline tm the era of Internet search. With the Web and search engines, the mouth of the funnel is much bigger than folks think.

You reach out globally and across many more keywords than you deliberately target. In fact, if you’re well optimized, your mouth of your opportunity funnel could be a respectable percentage of world population.

That means the typical way of drawing the funnel proportioned approximately like an oil funnel is not adequate. It has to flange out at the mouth much wider to portray whole-world outreach through SEO and much narrower at the neck to portray radical pairing down.

Echos of the 1/x long tail, but revolved around an axis to look like a funnel!

Now I’m no 3D artist, bit to illustrate this funnel, I draw a 1/x curve with Adobe Illustrator, then revolve it using a 3D effect. Perfect!

To color-code regions of the funnel, I cut the original line and color each segment. Perfect!