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Meetings Not Required to Change Game

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 03/16/2009

Work at a big company? Want to be a high impact player? No need to hear the sound of your own voice at meetings. Rather, just do what you know is right for the right reasons. Stick to your soundly-held convictions and throw some weekends and personal time to the cause. It will pay off.

Peter Drucker spoke of knowledge workers. Never before in my life have I internalized his message so completely. It’s a shame he died before seeing social media platforms like Facebook reach maturity. As a knowledge worker, you are what you bring with you. If you can’t bring it, you’ve got a long, painful build with each new endeavor (where I am now).

So say you have you done what I said, and are still under appreciated, under rewarded, and even fired based on sticking to your principles? I was. Technically, once I had to quit because after totally transforming a company with my work, they still didn’t get it–meanwhile, I got my first NY opportunity.

Another time, I was swept out in a regime change. Both times, I was vindicated as the rightness of my message dawned on them as the world’s common wisdom caught up with where I was years prior. Point being, if you’re right and have the ability to implement personally, do so.

Actions and results speak louder than words. It adds to your abilities and repitiore. You get great stories to tell. And you don’t have to build consensus in meetings on topics half the people won’t understand anyway. Just get the right people to green-light your activities. That is the path to being a high impact player, and Drucker-style knowledge worker.