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Optimizing Technology in a Busy Life

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 03/17/2009

I sit here on the A Train with coffee in one hand, blogging with iPhone in the other. How I want a subvocalization thought-to-text transcriber to narrate from my mind. Dragon Naturally Thinking, anyone? Demo’d but not on the market yet? Sign me up!

While I’m waiting, I’ll wade through the ocean of compromise-laiden second-bests–like the iPhone. At least I have my app icons for camera, voice recorder, text notes, Blogger, photo sharing, social networking, and news reader / sharer all lined up. And that’s about 1000x better than a year ago. Being an online social butterfly that I want to be finally fits into my well-balanced life.

Huh? That’s right. Fitting all this online stuff into your life aligns with phases of one’s life–phases I’m not in (retired, single, freelancing, etc.). Recently married with an apartment full of pets and lots of interests leaves little time for blogging from home. Right when I’m most interesting, I have the least time to broadcast. I LOVE going home and tuning out. And this is aggrevated because my professional challenges at work are just one step beyond me–which is just how I like it to hold my interest–but it keeps me sooooo busy!

This online persona / personal brand / social butterfly thing needs to be slipped between the cracks of work and home–on the subway–when I have no online connection! Happily, excelling even when faced with challenges like this is what makes it interesting, and differentiates people like me who love it from those who settle for what life deals them by chance.

I guess being a search engine optimizer now officially for a few years has gotten me thinking about optimization in many areas of life. And many things are inefficient and silly as shit. And it’s tiny details that few people notice, or at least talk about, that make all the difference.

In this case, it’s a series of idea-processing iPhone apps that work offline and let me publish posts like this as I make my connection at 59th St.

Gotta go. Bye for now.