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Photo Sharing iPhone Apps

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 03/15/2009

I’m trying CellSpin, Pixelpipe, and ShoZu today to send my iPhone photos to all the various social networks. I got tired of using email unreliably, and hitting only one service–or at best, two. The iPhone is becomming the center of my blogging, micro-blogging and photo sharing activities. It makes sense now to use an app, the same way I am with blogging.

They take forever to set up, and each have a different selection of services they hit. Supporting Blogger, Facebook and Flickr in the same post is my main criteria. Picassa, Webshots and Photobucket are also nice to support.

I only did a few test posts so far, and so far, ShoZu doesn’t let you post to all at once. Pixelpipe is the only one that hit Facebook as a Facebook native album–though it needed permission AT Facebook before it appeared. That seems to defeat the purpose, but these apps are promising. Goodbye emailing photos to Flickr and Blogger.