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Social News Sharing Gets Cooler

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 03/18/2009

I am really excited about Google’s social news sharing features.

However, I’m still using NewsGator, because NetNewsWire on the iPhone makes creating “clippings” easy (see picture). This is a case of the original first and free app on the iPhone still being the best. But I’d like to get off of NewsGator and consolidate on Google News Reader, in-part because it’s silly to manage news in two places, and also in part, because I like Google’s shared news format. I can’t give this link out, because it doesn’t have my NewsGator clippings.

So, I used Yahoo Pipes to combine my Google News and NewsGator shared stories feeds into the feed I publish at http://mikelevin.me/news/ but it loses the ability to step back in time through my old shared stories. Yahoo Pipes just combines the latest stories from each feed, which is good for now, but I want to make the complete historic archive of my shared stories available.

So now, I’m looking for a news reader on the iPhone where I can get a small set of subscribed feeds downloaded for offline reading on the iPhone without a half-hour download process as it would be with my complete subscription list.

To make it clearer, Google News Reader thanks to its “Browse for Stuff” feature encourages you to keep LOTS and LOTS of subscriptions, which is great when you’re on a desktop with broadband. But as the Newsstand iPhone app tells me, totally sucks on mobile. You simply can’t subscribe to the complete list of RSS feeds that you have in Google Reader on mobile if you plan on downloading the stories to read them offline.

So basically, I’m looking for a way to take a small subset of my giant subscription list from Google News Reader and make it available for offline reading on my iPhone with the easy ability to step through the articles and share them for social use.

If this sounds hard to follow, it is. I’m at the cutting edge of social news reading, tying together various services like Google News Reader, News Gator, Yahoo Pipes and FriendFeed. It’s not for the feint of heart. I am confident it will become easier as time goes on, because it’s a killer app.