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Testing iBlogger on iPhone

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 03/15/2009

I’m getting into microblogging, which alleviates the need for regular blogging. But it’s all about what processes fit into your life best, and how. I have to be careful not to connect too many services together, or I will create notification feedback loops. Frustrated with this stuff getting so popular and making people billions when I created versions of it all years ago, but for company customer relationship management. I tied together SEO, CMS, CRM, order management, tech support, public forums and a host of other functions in one glorious giant system that previous employers failed to grasp the significance of. Just ranting because I’m looking for the opportunities that are left.

The iPhone is heating things up with apps. Very exciting. Not since the Amiga Computer was such there such a flood of cool software with never before seen features. The lowest common denominator hardware is multi-touch location aware. It’s like how the Amiga was multi-tasking and video-capable in 1987, making it’s software way cool.

Anyway, I’m blogging from my phone, figuring I’ll fill in my subway time now with blogging. I used to do this with email for offline phone blogging, but apps appear to be a better way.

So, when I’m not micro-blogging, I’ll be blogging.