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Transparency and Accountability of Daily Process on MikeLevin.me

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 03/16/2009

OK, it’s crazy for me not to be blogging more. I’ve been side-tracked over the years by my “real job” and getting hung up on different technologies. Most recently, I’ve been infatuated with Google Docs, and the ability to send those files to Blogger or copy-and-paste the public excerpts from there into Blogger. But I’m re-invigorated now, I guess in part thanks to the Facebook real-time homepage. I’ve been advocating real-time for years, and don’t think anyone really gets what it means, except maybe instant messenger users.

Well now, Facebook changes that, and people are getting addicted to status updates and the conversations that can “hang” off of them. I’m now committing myself to keeping my daily-work thoughts and notes in blog format on MikeLevin.me. It makes no sense not to. Everything is transparent and accountable these days. I’m even going to enable FriendFeed to report on my StumbleUpon stumbles, even though I use it to occasionally promote HitTail. So be it. Everything’s going to come out someday from the software that digital antropologists will be using in 20 years, if we’re still around.

There’s a small chance that much of what we do disappears, and huge swaths of the “old Internet” will simply disappear. That’s why you use Blogger instead of a personal install of WordPress. While your server might crash and never be recoverred, Google’s data is many times redundantly backed up, and they’re accountable to the world. Same applies to your Google Docs. If you want that “Word” file of your memiors you started to write when you were 40 when you’re on your deathbed at 100, chances are they’re a click away if you were using Google Docs. If you were using Word, you might not even be able to open them anymore.

Anyway, I’ve got a very busy morning, and have to get to work. I’m going to start using MikeLevin.com as idea capture, so don’t expect polished and refined thoughts here.