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Geek Pride Day

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/23/2009

It’s not only Memorial Day weekend, but it’s also Geek Pride Day. That’s why it’s perfect that I’ll be launching SuperGeekSEO this weekend, where I’ll over-share about my upcoming entrepreneurial ventures in long, rambling posts like this that will be of no interest to anyone but super-geeks. Let me elaborate. Turn back now.

In these trying times of recession, many of us are already paying for broadband out of our homes, and now find it a necessity we cannot give up. It’s costing a cool $60/mo on top of digital cable, another $100/mo, then cable phone and a premium channel or two, pumping your bill to over $200/mo. I will be teaching you how to get the most out of that investment through home website hosting on cheap, low-power hardware that won’t add more than $5/mo to your electric bill—less than your cable box does!

So why host from home when you can use Blogger or Tumblr for free? The answer is simply the kick-ass capabilities that comes with controlling every miniscule detail of your own hardware and software that you don’t with free hosting. And ultimately, that means building more traffic to your site faster and promoting your cause better than with other approaches.

This of course has the catch-22 that when you really build some significant traffic to your site, you may show up to your ISP as violating your terms of service by doing home hosting. Bit the idea is that by that time, you’re making enough money with your venture that you can move a second copy of the hardware to a hosting site (or use a virtual server host), and make your home system into your development and staging system.

Meanwhile, all your software development tools are going to be free, and all the content you produce will have a master copy residing on your own machines with the proper licensing to ensure that you maintain ownership of everything, addressing concerns that people have with systems lile Blogger, where your original content resides only there, and the could theoretically shut you off. With my approach, no one will have a kill-switch on you, and you could keep popping up like Wack-a-Mole.

I’m going to always put the targeted traffic-generating concerns of SEO first, and take a pure, from-scratch approach to site building. But not only that, I’ll be thinking about the future of the Web, the Internet as a whole, the threats to it, the alternative access platforms (like iPhone), alternative browser technology (like native apps), data tagging and organization issues, XSLT and other open standard page layout tech, leveraging other services, taking advantage of best-of-breed tools, and generally future-proofing and vendor-proofing every bit of work you do.

Welcome to the imminent geekiest site about SEO ever written. Turn back now.