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Entrepreneurial Addiction

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/11/2009

Ok, so to make this entrepreneurial thing stick, I have to turn it into an addiction sooner rather than later. And to that end, I need to start applying the work I’ve already done for what it was designed to do, then use that as a last-generation product spec to be topped. But the vision for the next-generation stuff needs to be far beyond last, enough so to set up the next 10 years. The good news is that jumpstarting my old stuff is MUCH easier than new development work, and should be doable in my spare time.

Wow, do I reactivate my old content management system and all? I created stuff that could have been very popular in another history, where I was more assertive about promoting my own work. HitTail was only just one little piece re-written for massive scaling. Other parts are just as cool, but based on Active Server Pages before Ajax and standardization of JavaScript and the document object. Everything could be MUCH nicer if redone. But that violates the 80/20 rule.

So, what is this addiction? It’s systems that have feedback loops like video games: seek challenge, positive reinforcement, seek next challenge. There’s also a touch of fishing or gambling, because the payoff is potentially quite larger than the work you put in.

Building stuff like this takes constant thinking, testing, evaluating, and more thinking. In the past, I did this wit a Webmaster journaling system built into my own system, private and behind a login. I’m thinking of doing it open source this time around as a method of promoting an optional subscription service that will accompany it. This very post is am excellent example of the open sourcing the non-coding part of this project.

So as I start out, I will journal into whatever system is easiest. Over time, I will use whatever system is most appropriate. I think a “you own it” contributed content personal server archiver might be in order to make original point of publishing not matter. You can always pack up your toys and go home, taking all your valuable content with you.

So, I need a strong visual framework for what I’m doing.