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Foxmarks becomes XMarks / ripe for aquisition

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/04/2009

Foxmarks, the cross-machine bookmark syncronizer is now called XMarks, and has a nifty new xmarks.com domain, cross-browser support, and a recommendation engine. They’re fast on their way to pulling a “StumbleUpon” and suddenly coming from out of relative obscurity to being important. A few points…

  1. Their new name positions themselves as something much bigger than a Firefox add-on.
  2. Sharing bookmarks between machines is fundamential (like home and work). The fact a “big boy” like Google or Microsoft didn’t tackle and standardize the solution reveals some of their weaknesses. XMarks now sync’s your bookmarks in the browser’s native bookmark feature across Explorer, Safari and Firefox. Think about that. It’s big.
  3. You can now keep your main bookmarks in whatever browser you like, and still organize your bookmarks for your iPhone. This is super-convienent, and is now possible for the first time for Firefox users.
  4. Their “recommendation engine” implies they’re looking at your bookmarks and extracting statistical information about the relationships between sites. In other words, what you bookmark and how you organize is indirectly being shared in the form of suggesting relationships between sites to their suggestion engine. Can you say “privacy issues?”
  5. They offer granular control of what bookmarks get shared on what machines. So you can now deal with privacy (bookmarks you keep at home, but not at work), and platform (bookmarks that make sense on a desktop but not on iPhone). Again, fundamential stuff I’m surprised the big boys missed.
  6. As you can probably guess, I’m thinking XMarks is positioning themselves for aquisition.