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I am my own worst enemy - solution forthcoming

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/25/2009

On this beautiful, sun-filled Memorial Day, I’m choosing to stay home and get some work done. But I’m distracted by the Internet, addicted to Facebook commenting, taking photos on my iPhone and Tumbling them, and Stumbling (StumbleUpon). Thankfully, I stumbled upon an article that jarred me back into the moment. High IQ Is No Help for Those With ADHD, Yale Researchers Find. The line that stands out is:

“Many of these people are told they can’t be suffering the loss of executive function (the ability to plan and carry out many day-to-day tasks) from ADHD because they are too smart,’’ said Thomas E. Brown, assistant professor of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine and lead author of the study.

It’s already Noon, and precious time of this rare uninterrupted type where actual focus is possible that permits me to program is running out, and I’m squandering it. Shame on me. This is precisely where I start to employ Robert Cialdini’s principles of persuasion to every-day living—and basically mind-controlling myself. It’s called discipline—something I naturally lack, or else I would be much further along by this time in life. One of my ACTUAL entrepreneurial SEO counterparts, Seth Besmertnik, the co-founder of Conductor (previously LinkExperts), is exactly 10 years younger than me, but got married at about the same time, got a dog at about the same time, has some roots in Philadelphia, but is today leading a killer company. Looking at him is a good exercise in objectively looking at my own life to aid in doing tiny course corrections.

Now, I’m not going to go the money-raising route. Instead, I’m going to go the ultralight startup route, an amazing meetup and creation of Graham Lawlor by which inventors can start their own businesses borrowing little to no money from investors. In this way, I can actually continue working for a company with the security of a paycheck and benefits, while I improve the job I’m doing for them by making myself like a fully independent SEO firm working from within, with all the expanded capabilities (the programming of which I speak) to go with it. The objective now is to alternate betwen this type of writing, which puts everything I’m trying to do into perspective, thereby creating powerful incentive and creating the public committment and consistency that I’m always now speaking of, and breaking up the programming time into a rhytmic alternation of thinking, coding, thinking, coding.

So, expect a lot of text updates like this througout the day until I actually have SuperGeekSEO up and running, which will take over in hosting these long rambling super-geek posts.