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Measure 3 times. Cut once.

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/02/2009

OK, I’m up to the part of the server move where I don’t screw up. It’s a tricky bit. I had 2 machines originally at Connors: Pinky and The Brain. It was a classic IIS / SQL Server situation? Get it? IIS is rather stupid, like Pinky. And SQL Server is really rather smart and amazingly ambitious, like The Brain. Anyway, Pinky has long since had function after function pulled off of it, since a SuperBrain server has been added, and the better-spec’d SQL Brain server got IIS installed, and more and more of the functions of the original Pinky moved over to it. So now, Brain is a hodgepodge of specialty websites (and a defunct SQL Server install), including a client-version of HitTail, which uses SuperBrain as the database. So I’m moving ALL the still-in-use functionality of Brain onto SuperBrain, doubling it up into a tightly coupled “Island”. Lots of sysadmins poo poo this approach, but that’s OK, because I poo poo those sysadmins. SQL Server and IIS are designed to be tightly coupled, ever since SQL Server started supporting HTTP XML request / response. This is actually IIS being installed side-by-side with SQL Server, which not a lot of sysadmins think about. That means it’s been shaken out and full of tons of optimizations that are a fair trade-off to giving up separate machines. Anyway, time to back up all the Brain apps.